I hate Paw Patrol so much, it’s not even funny. Ryder is a little douchebag who will probably grow up to abuse his future GF, Chase is an asshole and if I have to listen to him suck up to Ryder every time they get called to the Lookout, I will scream. The rest of the characters on the show just rub me the wrong way.

Why the fuck does Mayor Goodway have a pet chicken? Do you see what she does for that chicken? I hope she doesn’t win reelection. Callie and her owner are annoying. I like cats, but I hope she get shot one day; annoying little pussy.

Also, does anybody else find it strange that these animals can talk? I mean, if I saw a talking dog, I’d be shitting my pants. Fuck, this show is retarded and I hate it so much, yet I have the undeniable urge to turn it on and watch it in between classes.

BTW, the only tolerable characters on that show are Rocky and Marshall.

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